Music From Above is a New Jersey nonprofit organization founded to spread music to those who do not have a chance to hear live Western classical music, whether in the United States or in developing countries, especially in senior centers and orphanages.  We have performed in various cities in the US, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Paraguay, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkey.

We also teach master classes to local musicians to help them refine their music talents and empower them to give back to their communities. Music from Above has also provided musical instruments to local musicians who cannot otherwise afford them.  Our goal is that these musicians will use the education and donated instruments to build up their own orchestras, especially youth orchestras, so that they can spread music.

We also love that music allows children develop creativity and self esteem. Many children want to take lessons, have their own instruments and perform for others but the costs make it difficult for those who want to pursue them. Music from Above is striving to  raise funds so that we can provide lessons and musical instruments to deserving musicians. Perhaps there will be a world class talent waiting to be discovered in these groups of young artists.

We hope that you will help us bring joy and health to those people who are most deserving in the face of so much adversity in their lives.

As a partner, you can work to effective change in the world.

Very truly yours,

Min H. Cho, Chairman